Sunday, August 23, 2009

In battle of the cookies

Wade used the Joy of cooking recipe I have used a dozen times found here. I decided to do a shortbread cookie with a cream cheese frosting. I have been wanting to try this cookie ever since I read about it in Homemade Life here. I love her book and her web site too. The recipe calls for 4 sticks of butter total. Three in the cookie, and one in the frosting. Also, there is a whole package (8 oz.) or cream cheese in the frosting! To me, these cookies are almost perfect. I love savory shortbreads, and cream cheese frosting is my favorite. How could I go wrong?


Then, Wade busted out the perfect chocolate chip cookie. For some reason, when I followed the same recipe, my cookies came out puffy and good, but not great. Wades came out gooey in the middle, and crunchy on the outside. They were perfect. I cant figure out the difference. Maybe it is attitude. Maybe I have to be more of a shark in the kitchen.


The kids voted. Can you guess? Who can beat the perfect Chocolate chip cookie? Not miss shortbread over here. Forget it. Wade won. Two kids chose his over mine, one said it was a tie. Thanks Elias, but I know you just dont like cookies and dont want to break your mamas heart so you said it was a tie...

On another note, lookie what I brought in from the garden! a cantaloupe!

DSCN1295 DSCN1297

Then I made a yummy gazpacho with tons of fresh herbs, tomatoes, zucchini, and garlic. I put some in jars to save, and will eat the rest all week for lunch. I love summer!

(Atticus took this picture for me)


Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe With Picture -

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