Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elves Fair

the two smaller boys and i went to the Elves Fair at the Waldorf school today. It is always a beautiful display, but this year was even more beautiful than before. it could be that this was the first year is did not have to work at the fair, since i am no longer an employee or parent at the school, or it could have been the perfect weather, or it could have really been better this year than before. in any case, the whole school was decorated with ribbons, painted silks, and banners. the outside was set up with yummy food, a jump rope making station, archery, jousting, Jacobs ladder, and at certain times, the children would preform dances they had been learning.

a teacher spins wool in the classroom, and later, she knits it.

face painting

good friends reunited

inside the school, there was candle making, wand weaving, paper making, and all kinds of other crafts for the children and parents to do. there was also a small store where local crafts were sold. it was really fun.

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