Sunday, December 6, 2009

dear santa

dear Santa

i know you are busy, and may not have caught something my son, Elias said earlier this week. i just wanted to report him.

he was not behaving, and i reminded him that you were watching, and here is what he said;

me- Elias, you better be nice, Santa is watching!

E-i don't care, he's not even real

me- don't let him hear you say that

E- mom, he cant hear me, he doesn't care!

me- he just crossed you off his list!

E-mom, i was HORRIBLE last year, and i still got everything i wanted.

OK? did you get it? he was horrible, and you still brought him everything he wanted? no wonder he is doubting ( i say doubting, because he still wrote you a letter) this year, i think you should bring him coal. maybe then he would get the message and stop pouting and crying.

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