Saturday, December 12, 2009

food stuff

raw is a strange but interesting concept for me. i mean, i love raw veggies and fruits, nuts and the like, but i don't always understand why people wish to transform avocado and nuts into a mock chocolate pudding. but, i want to eat healthier, and a friend gave me a cookbook, so i decided to try some raw cooking.
what i made consisted of soaked cashews, maple syrup, dates, salt and water for the "cream" sauce. the chocolate pudding was avocado, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and dates. i just blended the ingredients together, and then layered the pudding and cream sauce into a beautiful parfait. it looked amazing, and the kids all rushed over to try it. their reaction did not give me much hope that jello pudding soon be replaced by raw avocado pudding. however, when i tasted it i thought it was creamy, smooth, and chocolaty. because it was unsweetened cocoa, it was slightly bitter, which i like, but i think the kids did not like it because of the bitterness. s0, maybe i will try again, and use more sweetener...

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