Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school time!

last year, I had one child who would come home with his lunch UNTOUCHED. As in, he didnt even eat one bite.  I would go get him at four o'clock from school, and he was so mean and angry he would throw a tantrum on the way to the car.  He was 9 by the way...  This year, I plan to avoid this problem by getting him a better lunch box.  As all mothers do, i internalized this problem and believed it was my fault he didn't eat, because i just didn't pack a beautiful enough lunch.  There are brilliant ads that support my theory, and say that if only I would create a beautiful lunch, then my kids would eat healthier and we would be a happier family.
That's my baby in the blue eating with his pre-school friends.

soooo...I am in the market for a very expensive lunch box, with a lid that comes off, and everything is in its place, all my child has to do it eat, not fuss with a place mat or opening containers...

Unfortunately, I have three kids, and want one for each.  They are about 40 bucks each. 40 x 3 = 120, right? (i'm not the best at math) soooo...For the first week of school, I will have blown my entire lunch budget on lunch boxes, not food.  Sorry kids.

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