Sunday, August 21, 2011


This was not funny when it happened.  That is why the picture was taken.  So, later, I could look back and laugh.  Too often, kids do stuff like this.
That is why my copy of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen is tattered and worn.

I find that my kids create trouble when I have no plan for them, but would like to get some of my work done.  Like when I would like to sit and sip tea and read Obama's Twitter updates (ok, maybe Bethenny Frankel, but Obama sounds more intelligent).
I love creating plans and schedules, and those are some of the tools of the Positive Discipline philosophy.  So is being consistent.  
I said I love making schedules, but keeping to them is another thing...what happens when your kids have their own plan?  When they just don't feel like leaving the house? or when they feel like going out all day, when the plan was to stay home?  Isn't one of the greatest things about staying home with your kids, is you can be flexible?

There must be a balance between scheduled and flexible.  
I am working to find that balance...

Some call it "rhythm", not schedule.  I like rhythm.  Rhythm can change and go fast and slow, be quiet and loud.
Rhythm feels less about marking the calendar up with sharpies and more like having a general idea of what each day will look like from week to week.  Like, wash on Monday, vacume on Tuesday etc.  Dinner and drinks on Wed.
Time to go do some Yoga and cultivate rhythm (the husband has the boys ALL DAY at the pool! that's our sunday rhythm)

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