Monday, August 15, 2011


Written by Mama from the point of view of Elias, age 9.

At lunch today, my little brothers are annoying.  Dash just kept saying "bees Knees";
"Hello, I'm Mr. Bees Knees, do you like the bees knees? I like the bees knees"
And Atticus would not use utensils  to eat, he just poked his fingers in his rice and licked what ever stick.  Then he burped really loud.
I told Dash to be quiet, and he stuck put his tongue and blew it at me.
I made a mad face at him, and he said, "Now you really look like the bees knees!"
That made Atticus laugh so hard he started crying, and tears ran down his face.
I tried to eat and ignore them, but then I got the giggles too.  We were laughing so hard, no one was eating.  Mom had already sat down, eaten, and gotten up and was cleaning her plate.  I think she wanted to get out of there.
Atticus was now lapping rice from the palm of his hand.
"Do you know if there is a 'Worlds largest poop museum?'" Dash asked
"Did you know there is a museum with the worlds oldest ham?" I asked
At that moment, Atticus and Dash ran out of the room, chasing each other.  Loud screaming could be heard in every room of the house.  Chance, the dog, started to bark and chase them too.  I was left, to finish my lunch in peace.    

So I thought. Dash and Atticus came running back in, after mom told them to go sit down until they had eaten all the food from their plate.   They both had a Hot Wheels car in their hand, and decided to drive them all around the table.  Dash got sweet potato pie on his car, and Atticus drove his car through his salad.  Dash, who was in his swim suit, dropped half his pie onto his suit, then onto the floor.  "Oh well," he said, "I can just run outside and wash off in the hose after lunch".  Chance came over and cleaned up what was on the floor.
I finished, and got up.  I cleaned my plate and left it in the sink, because the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes.  I got the Hot Wheels tracks, and went outside to build a track onto the slip and slide.  

My brothers finished eating and then had to sit in time out for ten minutes.  While they did that, I raced cars down the awesome track I just made.  It was hooked to the garden fence, and took a long slop down, then it stretched a few feet on the ground before ending on the wet slippery plastic of the slip and slide.  The cars kept going until they slid into the pool part of the slip and slide.  

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  1. Emily, I did not know you had a blog, and it is lovely. This particular post is definitely Elias talking about what it is like to have two brothers and the chaos of a normal day. I have heard that chaos is essential to creativity and it is evident that both you and Elias are creative souls. So go paint hugely!