Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frenchie toastie

Atticus makes french toast all by his little self.  The boys learned early on that this Mama is not a morning person, to put it kindly.  I am not mean in the morning, just slow.  I might get up at 6am, but breakfast would not be made until 10am.  So Papa made breakfast until one day, they started doing it themselves! (sorry about the sideways picture)

Atticus cracking eggs

everyone loves to crack eggs

Add milk and plenty of cinnamon

mix well

dip the bread in mix

dont forget to feed the poor doggie
(it is cooked at this point, i promise) 
sprinkle some "snow" (powdered sugar)

eat, then clean up your plate!
 Marvelous.  Breakfast hasn't been this easy since I was nursing!
I love to check the garden in the morning, and the beets are coming along nicely...
new beets coming in!
Tomorrow, maybe the lettuce will finally pop its little green head up

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