Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In the Kitchen; end of summer

It has been a hot summer, so I've been throwing together a lot of no-bake treats...

these lovely little gem Popsicle molds are the perfect size for boys just back from a bike ride.  We filled them with berries and yogurt and it only took a few hours to freeze (one little boy kept checking for us, about every twenty minutes)  The other molds were too big, and I would find half a pop left while the busy boy was back on his bike. This size is perfect. And, they can have two if they want more!

We also had popcorn.  Even though we have popcorn a lot, it still feels like a treat! Its cheap and easy, and anything they don't eat can be saved for the next day lunch box or afternoon snack.

Lastly, the oldest child LOVES puffed rice treats. And, since summer is almost over, we made a batch
This plate is empty now...


  1. Not to hog the comment line but . . . please, can I have a rice krispie treat when I come to play in October? Oh, and can my little boy have one, too?

  2. yes, we will make more for sure!