Wednesday, August 31, 2011

nature table part 1

The making of our nature table...
First, we needed to gather some nature treasures.
The boys are always up for that, so we headed off to our favorite nature center not too far away 
from our home...
the Ellanor C. Lawrence park is beautiful and peaceful
Before we even got started on our walk, 
we wandered into the nature center where something is always happening...
Today, the boys got to feed some animals, starting with the painted turtles
getting super worms out with tweezers isn't easy

Turtles being fed super worms

Broad head Skink being fed super worm

Copperhead snake (the only poisonous snake in fairfax county)

A beautiful quiet walk among tall trees

This is where my heart opens up, or grows, like the grinches.  I feel I need to live in a place like this, with nothing but my family and these trees.
A tiny toad stool, no bigger than an acorn

creek with shimmering golden green light

the beginnings of a nature table.  Elias floating "boats" (nut shells).

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  1. You are the most amazing mom. Our boys are so lucky.