Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I am glad to have found this blog again.  In the world of children and work and school, I lost all time to do the things i love.  Well, I moved, quit my job, and now I find myself able to focus on the home and family again.  Lovely. so here we are...We have moved from beautiful Tennessee to beautiful Virginia.  We have traveled to New York, to the Caribbean, and DC.  What a whirl-wind! Here are some pictures.

 Arepas from a food truck in NYC. YUM!!!

Cold Watermelon soup, from Co. in Chelsea, NYC...Beautiful color and taste.

 On a tiny tiny plane to Musitque to see family.
What a trip! Beautiful setting, beautiful people, good food, swimming, spending time as a family.

Basil's bar in Mustique. Have a drink, relax...
Water so clear and warm, it is like stepping into a bath.   Oh, and that line of people, that's just some of my family members...

 What, this? oh, it's nothing. Just a totally awesome picnic on the beach...with real linens and silverware and excellent food made from scratch. You know, the usual...

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