Sunday, September 4, 2011

Evenings and weekends

I took the boys to see Peter Pan at Wolf Trap this weekend.  Cathy Rigby was Peter Pan, and I think when I was a child and saw Peter Pan, Cathy Rigby was acting the part back then too.  She was wonderful, and must really be from Neverland, because she has not grown old.
Some eating and playing before the show

The stage looks like it is part of the forrest around it
A large lawn with no bad view

he was captivated by Peter Pan and especially Tinker Bell
enjoying the show and a good meal

The next night we had plans too. For something completely different and equally fun...

Shades and cap, check

new Chuck Taylor's, check

A ride on the Metro

To a BASEBALL game! 

A beautiful stadium, with places to lounge and eat good food

This was our view, really fun

(product placement) oh how happy they were to have that treat!

Some didn't make it through the game, and hardly made it home...
The National's won, it was a great game, even though we had to leave at the 6th inning because of someone being a little too tired to carry on in a respectable manner, ah-hem.  But we could follow the game on my phone, so the way home on the Metro, we were updated, and celebrated when the nail biting game against the Met's game ended with a victory for the Nats...When can we go back?

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