Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homeschool and Sensory Integration

It was a rainy walk to school. And oddly cool.  But the big boys were really excited and had a great day.  

Walking the big boys to school
 When Atticus and I returned home, we tidied up, then started his experiments, or as he says, "experiences"
Shaving cream and food coloring
 This is a quick and easy "experience" that helps with sensory integration and understanding color mixing.  Some kids hate getting messy and having squishy slimy stuff on their hands.  This helps make the sensation fun, and helps the brain process information coming in from the hands.  It is great for children to get used to touching as many different textures and substances as possible, especially for children who have intense sensory preferences and have difficulties with sensations coming from their hands and feet.  
mixing colors
 Some children hate tags in their shirts, others won't wear socks with seams, some need tight clothing, some loose.  These can be preferences, unless they get so bad it inhibits normal functioning.  Then, it's called a disorder.  It seems to me, all people have sensory preferences.  For example, I cant STAND tight clothing, (but  I do love a stretchy yoga pant...), and I won't wear wool.
 Atticus also painted on his easel.  He knows how to get the paint set up, and clean it up, all by himself.  Independence is very important at this age.

looking with a magnifying glass
 We explored things up close, 
looking with a hand-held microscope
 And even closer
This is a small hand-held microscope that is really handy and fun.  

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