Saturday, September 17, 2011

My favorite things

Just like Oprah, I am often asked what my favorite things currently are.  So, people, in answer to the hundreds of curious humans and animals, here we go (drum roll)

My Favorite Things!

 I recently gave up coffee and all things delicious.  Or so I thought!  I decided to try this herbal coffee, assuming it was disgusting.  Well folks, it's not.  In fact, it is yummy yummy yummy!  It is like coffee with a hint of chocolate, and I add soy milk creamer(only soy milk creamer, almond and coconut milk did not add the same bit of over the top creamy deliciousness) and whew-hew, the coffee habit was kicked! When I crave a cuppa, I brew some of this herbal coffee, and get none of the jittery sweaty shaky acidic reaction I used to get when I drank coffee.  What do I breaw it in, you all ask?  well...
My french press individual coffee cup thingy cup.  Just put a scoop of herbal coffee (or real coffee for you jitter bugs) and pour hot water in,  wait, wait wait, now press and drink.  I actually pour it into a beautiful mug, but when I was on the go go go, I just took it and ran.  love this.

These little gems are mini muffins made with bananas, oat and almond flour, and sweetened with decident coconut syrup.  I make them small, because I want to eat a lot. That reason might not make sense to you, but it does to me.

and last, this.  Need I say more?  

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