Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have some beautiful organic cotton yarn,(Lion brand, from Joanns! was surprised to find it there, but needed it quick! so bought it up) and knitted a baby blanket for my son with it.  I got almost done, and decided I hated it.  So...
I'll keep the picture to remember what an ugly blanket it almost was

Off it came.  My son was very sad, but I didn't want something as precious as a blanket, and something that would hopefully be around a long time, to be this ugly.  So it had to be done.

And I started again.  I have no problem starting projects.  No problem even ripping out stitches.
The new blanket, 1/3 of the way finished.

I think I will finish this project before he turns 9.
Don't you wish you could do this more often with life?  Start again, with no evidence of the ugly past?  Get almost through something, then see it for what it is, and have a do-over if you don't like it?
Dash wishes I would hurry up and finish!  He is such a funny guy...

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  1. This post has influenced my life. No kidding. I've been working on a print for months / layers and layers. And every time I have to start over I remember this post "unraveling." Now I am starting to be a knitter (again) and I've had to unravel plenty of rows off of my washcloths (my first project in maybe 25 years). Unraveling. When I get lost in the car and have to turn around; when I forget to put the wash into the dryer and it smells all mildewy . . . What a great lesson for Nans!