Saturday, October 29, 2011


Went to several art museums with my mom and Atticus.  Glorious modern and contemporary art.  We went to the East Building of the Smithsonian Art Museum.
Gelato and espresso
First, we stopped for some treats.  Atticus liked this part the best!  Well, not the espresso...

The building is HUGE, and absolutely beautiful.  



Nanny and Atticus resting and watching the fountain in front of the Museum on American History
It was fun to have Nanny around and she got us up and going to the museums.  Atticus kept us going fast through the museums, he did not like to stop and look at paintings for a long time. I brought treats in my purse to keep him going, and even pulled out the stroller for the longer visits.  Pulled it out of the car that is, not out of my carpet bag like Mary Poppins.  

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