Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy making something blue

Atticus and I took the car in for an oil change.  While we waited, he watched the TV that was turned onto Sesame Street.  While I do not let him watch shows on weekdays, I was glad to see it on while we waited at the mechanics.  He was too.  He pulled up his chair and sat mesmerized while Elmo sang a song about giving up his binkie.  I watched Attie for a moment, and he started to squirm.  Elmo was asked if he was sure he was ready to give up his binkie, and he thought and hemmed and hawed.  At this moment, Atticus turned around and looked at me, with tears in his eyes.  He climbed down from his chair and ran to hug my arm and sobbed and asked me to change the channel.  Elmo kept on and on about giving up the binkie, and Atticus just couldn't contain his sadness. He hid his face in my shoulder.  I asked him why he was sad, and he said he didn't know why this was making him sad, it just was.  I held him until the song was over.  Then, Mr. Noodle came on.  Silly Mr. Noodle.  He didn't know how to brush his teeth.  Since I am a fan of physical comedy, I started laughing at Mr. Noodle.  That made Atticus brighten up, and go back to his chair, and watch the rest of the show.  
The day was rainy, so we stayed in and did some very important work; a poem;

Yards of satin
 all shiny and blue

Making a costume for you-know-who

First we flatten with iron and steam

some pins to get ready for the sewing machine

It slithers and slips as much as a snake

What is it you ask that this son and mom make?
(It's a cape!)
Pictures of the cape will come.
As soon as the costume is done.

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