Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October is;

Fall seems to activate my memory.  I can suddenly remember things from my childhood, and memories of high school and college come flooding in.  Sometimes, I can't escape the memories I would rather forget, or the past mistakes I would like to let go of, and forgive myself for.  Fall Is a time of change.  Maybe the memories come back as a reminder that I can still, and am still, changing.  Fall is a change in the outside environment, and also on the inside.  Spring does this to me too.  But in summer and winter,  I hunker down and am more in the present, more concerned with what is happening at the moment.  Fall, is wide open.  Trust and let go, like the leaf, and drop into the loving arms of mother earth. 
It is a time to meditate, do yoga, and fill my time with favorite activities;

baking shortbread and jam leaf cookies

these dont last long. a favorite of my kids

made the largest ever focaccia sourdough bread (rosemary and black olive)

lighting candles


slowly, slowly, change is coming

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  1. Please poke your cookie filled hand through my computer monitor and perhaps a cup of milk for my cat. . .