Monday, October 3, 2011

Sewing with the boy

We have been playing a lot of bean bag games to learn numbers, and with the older kids to learn multiplication tables.  We needed more, so Atticus and I decided to make some.  He loves helping with the sewing machine, he presses the pedal while I guide the fabric through.  We filled the bags with lavender and rice.  

cute little foot


filling the bag

my helper, proud of his work

three down

Atticus loves to play with these more than I ever imagined he would.  We toss them all the time.  Sometimes, we say the alphabet while we toss, sometimes numbers, sometimes we just giggle and toss.  With Elias and Dash, we stand in a circle and throw to each other, and with each throw, we say a multiplication problem and answer.  This movement with memorization can really help the kinetic learners, or just provide a different way to learn math than worksheets.  For me, movement helps my brain work, and for my boys, movement helps make it fun.  

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