Monday, October 17, 2011

Time is...

Time is well spent with family.  Mine is close and far.  The immediate family is close.  Sometimes too close, and I would like a break.  Unfortunately, the rest of the family is far, far away, and there is no one here to drop the kids with.  On those days when there is no break from the everydayness of motherhood, it helps me to take photos.  Photos capture moments that seem ordinary, or tedious, and transforms them.  I look at the pictures and notice how special the time was.  I can reflect on the moment, and remember how wonderful each moment with my children is, or can be, if I slow down, let go, and roll with it.  
Virginia, there are so many old things to go see.  I love living in an area with so much history.  We took a walk along the Potomac, and there were these beautiful old stone buildings, some were once used for storing grain, some dairy, and another for horses.  Very old and beautiful.

Time is well spent outside with the skies are blue and the children can run and yell and climb

A moment of a child who is starting to think he is too old for dress-up, but still really enjoys it.

Time is well spent around a bonfire, with friends and beer and stars overhead

Time is well spent looking for the small creatures on earth, and treasuring them.  Dash took this photo, finding enough interest and importance in this creature to capture an image of it.

Time is well spent in the kitchen, baking with children who love cookies

Time is well spent cleaning with warm, soapy water
I am loving the meditation of cleaning lately.  When I have time, and can devote time to properly cleaning, I sing, and it makes it feel happy, better.  Those Dwarves were right, whistle while you work...
Atticus likes it too. He sings along, or makes up songs of his own.

Time is well spent inside, on rainy days, playing games that go on for hours and hours, and have to be left and returned to over and over again.

Time is well spent writing letters to those far off

If you comment, you just might get a letter sent to you...
 Time is well spent studying geography and making salt maps of Virginia.  It's like making a map out of homemade playdough, then labeling and painting it when it dries

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