Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall color of another kind

What happened to our slow move into fall?  I was not prepared for the snow that came two nights before Halloween, and I did not get the basil in time.  It is now brown and sad, out in the garden bed.  I learned my lesson, better safe than sorry when the weather man predicts snow.

The peas and beets seem just fine.  I ate some peas, and they taste pretty darn good, and are still growing.  The beets are beautiful, and are (hopefully) still secretly growing bulbous round roots.   

My mom got us this colorful mobile from the art museum.  It is made of pieces of what look like velum card-stock sewn together.  It is slightly opaque, which you cannot see from the pictures, but which makes light pass through the colored paper so beautifully.

It hangs in the door, and is stunning.  Thank you to my mom, and to the artist who created it.

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  1. Fall colors of gardens fading in style and bright colors of an inside mobile. . .I just bet that both originate from an essential urge/need to create, something. Imperfect is a blog of creativity, obviously.