Monday, November 7, 2011

Having a moment

Right now I am trying to transition.  There is a big change coming up in our lives, and I am going through all the emotions a transition can bring on; denial, anger, acceptance, happiness, fear, worry, joy, excitement, and all of those over and over again in no recognizable pattern.  My yoga practice is a necessary element in my day.  I feel it has saved my life so to speak, many times.  I started practicing in Nashville, and saw how it could help set my emotional state in balance.   I have continued doing DVD's at home, and am always so thankful for it.  My children are better off for it too.  I like that I am doing yoga at home, where my children can see me do it, and they come into the room, sometimes join me, sometimes just sit and be near me, playing or reading.  Atticus gets the most exposure to it, since he is home with me.  He loves to join in.  There are even days where I don't feel motivated to do it, and he will pull out the yoga mat, and do it himself.  I get inspired, and will join him.
We have a set of yoga pretzel cards, that I always bring on trips.  When we have been stuck in the car all day, or in a small hotel room, and the kids and I need to move, we pull them out.

Tripple down dog
Even Chance gets in the mood

A short movie
This was taken in a hotel room, during our move.


Whenever I feel out of balance, I know I should stop and carve out some yoga time.  I have been doing that a lot these days, as Wade and I try to figure out what we want the next step in our lives to look like.  There have been some difficult decisions made, and some tense moments.  Overall, I can say, I am confident we are going towards where we want to be.  It may take a few months of doing something we don't necessarily like, but it will get us going in the right direction.
We are going to be doing the things we love.  We are going to be deciding with our hearts as well as our heads.  We are going to try to be more balanced.   Just as yoga has taught me to balance my body, my emotions, and now, my life.


  1. I love this. Stretching my body is like bathing my brain: I feel like my thoughts finally wake up and are ready for a new day.

    I'm thinking of you and I know that, whatever the transition may be, the beauty of this new path will be revealed soon!!!

  2. Emily, I know transition can be so hard. If you ever want to talk to your old friend, email me at and I'll send my number, though it hasn't changed in a decade so you might still have it. Love you lots.