Thursday, November 10, 2011

We live in a beautiful world.

a turtle tangled in a plastic bag, its flipper has been amputated by the bag

I don't think I have the courage to face all the damage and suffering I have caused over the span of my life. Unintentional damage and suffering, caused by ignorance, in a country obsessed with stuff and power, instead of sustainability and preserving.  I do not have the stomach to see the result of all the plastic I've used, floating in the ocean, blowing around on the land.  All the toxins made by the making of the cement I walk on, the tar and asphalt I drive on.  The car I drive.  The car I drove, that is now sitting somewhere, doing nothing but making this beautiful world more ugly.  Animals killed, deformed, hurt, but my waste.

And not just animals, but people.  Humans infected with cancers.  Babies in the womb whose brains are damaged by mercury,  fertilizers, herbicides...

I get really depressed about the lack of interest humans have in preserving the environment.  All around me, there are businesses, families, schools, individuals who don't seem to put any thought into preserving the only thing keeping us alive; the planet.  How can the environment not be the #1 thing on the agenda at the every government level?  If the planet suffers, um, we all do.  I can't believe the number of people who simply don't recycle.
Two beautiful film about birds;
The first one is painful,

The second celebrates;

Don't use plastic bags.  Or bottles.  Recycle. Create less waste.  Love more animals.  Treasure the planet.

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