Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a day!

I didn't get enough sleep last night.  I had two little boys come into my bed, one who was "cold" and needed to cuddle, and one who came in because "it's just a habit".  A habit that needs to change if you ask me.  I love cuddling with my children.  But, I need to protect our sleep.  And, they squirmed and kicked all night.  Atticus still turns completely sideways in the night, and rests his feet on my middle.  If I don't get good sleep, I am  wreck the next day. And so are my kids if they don't get enough sleep.  

So, grumpy and tired, this is how I started the day...

I dropped a brand new container of yogurt on the floor.  The whole thing spilled out.  It was the large container, the "family size".  That was breakfast.  It was the yogurt I had been saving for a morning like this, where I was too tired to cook, and decided I would just give them granola and yogurt.  Then, I dropped it on the floor.  We all just stood there, looking.
"Well", as Atticus said as we watched Chance lick up the yogurt and clean the floor "Chance is our hero." Indeed.
On to plan B; Bagel and cream cheese

Anyone for green fuzzy sprinkles?
Ok, this is not going so well.  I did not have a sense of humor yet, it was too early.
  Keep that in mind.

After we figured out breakfast, we moved on.  I was ready to move on.
The boys did not have school.  It is parent-conference day for us, so I had to figure out what to do with all of them, not just the usual "one."
Dash was trying to prove he was a good child, (so don't believe what the teacher tells you in the conference!), so he got out all sorts of activities that were hiding in his closet;  metal embossing, beads for jewelry and Christmas ornaments;

Atticus does have pants on, but that's all I could get him to put on.  Usually he is naked. He loves being naked.  It's a phase. I just hope it's a phase.  

Here he is , fully clothed.  I must have bribed him with candy.

Forts built of cushions.

Playing outside.
Why is it ok when Elias ties Atticus to a tree, but not when I do it?

The witching hour; 5 o'clock, when everyone is ready for food, and they ask for snack, but there are no snacks to be eaten, lest we "spoil out dinner".  So, lets play music!!!

I swear, the chicken is almost done.  I am probably over cooking it, in fear of under cooking it, but it is taking FOREVER.  Soon, we will eat, then hopefully manage bedtime with a glass of wine to help (me that is).  
BTW, the conferences went well.  Not as bad as we were all thinking.  They boys are going to be ok.
And so am I.


  1. Mothers are stars with no applause except from other mothers. I hope you got some sleep and more yogurt!

  2. They are so adorable. And yes, days like that can crush you a little bit.