Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's for dinner and lunch???

Continuing in the theme of easy plan ahead lunches, I am documenting the quiche.  The fast, bestest ever quiche that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! I am so grateful my children will eat veggies when they are surrounded by eggs and cheese and a buttery crust

 I add however many eggs I think I can use and still get through the rest of the week.  I try to buy eggs from farmers, or at least the local ones from Whole Foods, and they can be expensive.   I someday will be that person who owns egg laying hens, and wonders, "What shall we do with all these fresh eggs from our pasture hens?"  Until then, I am left, holding sacred each egg, and wishing for a larger egg budget. 

Add some whole milk

Add veggies and cheese.  Currently, we are loving sharp cheddar and spinach. I get the organic frozen spinach, and add it with generous hand-fulls.   
Pour into the afore mentioned buttery pie crust, and bake.  

There, now isn't that a pretty flower?

Dinner, with mashed pot's and brown rice.  
And, there is extra for tomorrow's lunch boxes.
This helps balance out any candy the switch-witch did not take, that made it into my children's blood and made them rotten.  Just rotten.  
(ps, the switch-witch comes at Halloween, takes the candy, and leaves some small presents in exchange.  She had no teeth, her skin is bad, and she has a stomach all the time which makes her MEAN!  And, she can't get enough candy)

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  1. Can I come to dinner? It looks delicious and I love the touch of fall squash and a beeswax candle on the table.