Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Play is such an important part of learning.  I often hear parents undermining the importance of play.  I also hear parents and teachers feel they have to legitimize play, to prove it is teaching the children something.  When did unstructured play become something that needs defending?

We have had a lot of games coming out in our house, since the fall and winter weather came.
It is nice.  I see my very active children settle down for a bit of gaming, and not the video kind.

Sometimes, some adults are lucky to get in on the action.

Sometimes a plate of cookies disappears with the gamers

This little boy carries his UNO deck around the house, hoping for someone to play with.  When no one will, he busies himself shuffling and dealing the cards, even playing a hand against himself.

Ok, so this was not a game.  It was work.  But the boys were able to make Papa's stuffing of envelopes into a rather fun game, each having a role, each doing his job. 


  1. I kept everyone home from school today...they just needed a little extra time to play.

  2. This brings back such wonderful memories of hours spent playing games with siblings and cousins when I was a child. Children really seem to blur the lines between work and play - finding a way to enjoy any activity that *they* choose, whether it's stuffing envelopes or playing a game of cards. It's inspiring to watch!