Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On the trip home, Elias and Chance slept together.  Chance needed a lot or extra attention, he was nervous.  So was Elias. It made a perfect match. The first night in out "new" home, Chance slept next to Elias.

 Although there were boxes to unpack, children also needed to be fed.  Of course, oranges became orange peel boats, complete with candles...
Never a dull moment.

Slowly, our house became a home.  The corners of the home being decorated with new lights, 

The kitchen
 For now, a rocking chair sits in the kitchen, and it is always being used.  
These dark days, it is nice to have lots of candles at hand, and the kitchen is so cozy.

New and old chairs for the children to sit in and read, or play card games.  Our rooms feel so big and the light so bright.  I like our home better now than I ever did.

New canisters in the kitchen, new thoughts about how to organize, organize, and organize some more.  No more baskets full of junk, no more things that do not have a place.
Pink lights because Wade and the boys think white is boring
And, because Christmas is almost upon us, before the last box has been unpacked, the lights had to go on the tree, and the fire lit...

And we can do that, because this is our home.

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  1. "A light in every corner" says so much about making a winter home. What a good idea---five rocking chairs in the kitchen. The cozy room. The family room. A "together place" and do I smell soup?