Saturday, December 3, 2011


A winter work out playlist to keep me moving while I walk the dog in the cold; music

A winter cowl that knits up fast and is so pretty; cowl

A delicious way to eat up the pumpkin my sister brought to my house; roasted squash

A poem and thoughts on honesty; zen poem

A funny holiday video from a funny family; video

A beautiful wooden wreath I would like to make; Bead wreath

A Christmas CD I love to put on and play all day; Mindy Smith

What I want to make with Atticus, Dash, and Elias; Snow globes

Dreaming of planting; tulips

1 comment:

  1. It is cold this Sunday morning so we decided to sit by the fire and eat all the hot buttered bagels we want. Then I watched the family video you sent, listened to just a bit of the music, read all the Zen and curiously had a look at that cowl. I just love Imperfect.