Monday, January 2, 2012

the day before the day

I just can't believe that after 7 months of being a stay at home mom, tomorrow, I return to work.  I am a mix of emotions.  I like work, being with others, accomplishing something, earning money...and, I love staying at home, cleaning and organizing, quiet, cooking and baking, my own schedule.
sunlight streaming in the bedroom window
sunlight in the kitchen window

Chance in the sunlight

Atticus and Chance, good friends

Right now, I have the feeling that it will be good to be back to a schedule, good to walk my children into their classrooms where they so want to be, where they are so loved and taken care of by their teachers and classmates.
The boys made these photo collages of themselves

And I love the kids I teach, and my co-teachers.

The only thing I do not love is some of the policies of the school I work at.  No school I have found is perfect.  Maybe there is the perfect school out there, somewhere.

One thing that bothers me is the lack of outdoor time young students at my school get.  They spend the whole morning inside, doing quiet work, then around 11am, they get 30 minutes of play time, which flies by.  Then its lunch, nap, and more work time.  That's only 30 minutes outside all day, on a small playground covered in rubber mulch.  Montessori would be very upset.  She believed strongly in the need for children to be out in nature, connecting with nature, understanding the rhythms of nature.  The school has 26 acres, but the playground is a small fraction of that.
view from Elias's bedroom window

Atticus's teachers often extend playtime, by putting up some small cones on the grassy area behind the playground, and letting the kids play in the actual natural setting.  I have to remember to thank them for that.  ok, so there's a positive.  Maybe they will inspire the other teachers to do the same.

The older two boys actually get more outside time and movement in their day.  They do have a three hour work cycle in the morning, then a nice time to play, lunch, then they have the afternoon full of "specials".  Those specials include gym, which is often outside, music, art, language (Spanish), and others.  It is a campus school, so there is also a lot of walking outside for the older children.  The teachers also get some planning time during these specials, something the primary and toddler teachers do not have.  Gotta work on that.

Because I have always had an attitude of wanting to save the world, these problems keep me up at night.  I can't just see something I think is wrong, and let it go.  Even if it doesn't affect me, I try to fix it.  When I was little, and someone would ask what I wanted to do when I grow up, I would say either a kindergarden teacher, or that I wanted to save the world and stop world hunger.  I have narrowed it to; a teacher, and I want to take care of my little part of the world and feed my family healthy foods.  Not bad goals to start out the new year with.
Dash and Atticus sitting by the fire 
Of course, staying at home would be great, but the world needs me.  My children need me to be at their school, making it better, raising the bar.  To get healthier foods, my family needs my income, because local organic pasture raised foods are NOT cheap.   The children in my class need me, to be kind to them, the teach time how to be global citizens, to give them plenty of time in nature.

So, today I will spend getting ready for tomorrow.  And hopefully the effects will be long-lasting.


  1. 80% remember 80% because perfection hurts and you have already discovered joys of Imperfect!

  2. I am sorry that I have been absent. I returned as well. So I know.