Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Nature in Me

Something about getting moving in a nature setting does me so much good.  My whole body tingles as my blood fills tiny little capillaries in my fingers and toes.  Walking on a tread mill is good, but a hike through the woods or around a lake is better.  Yoga actually does this for me too.  I love moving.  My body loves it.  Sometimes, when I have been still for a long period of time, I forget how much I love moving, and think I could just sit forever.  Then someone, maybe a child, maybe a hiking partner, maybe Mr.Sunshine, gets me up and going.  Recently, we took a walk around Long Hunter State park outside of Nashville.  My Dad was visiting and took these pictures. Thanks to him, you can see I exist.  Unfortunately, you have to take my word for it that he exists.    

My children love moving to, as most children do.  And exploring, and doing exactly what they are asked and told not to do.  Like walking in the mud.  Dash went straight for the furthest, muddiest, part of the beach.  And in less than a minute, he sunk into the mud, and was stuck.  I hopped from rock to rock to help.
Dash told me quietly that he was very angry at himself, that he knew I had just said that if anyone gets muddy or wet we would have to leave.
I had such sympathy for him.
He was exploring, 
never meant to get stuck.
I remembered a time my boot had been stuck in the mud, 
and I had fallen into ice cold water, 
and my brother had to carry me all the way home,
And I remembered when my boot got stuck in the snow, and my sister and brother could't find it, 
and I had to go home missing one boot.
My brother probably carried me then too.  
We did not find it until the snow melted.

Elias helped Dash, instinct told him to go get Dash's boot, and help him put it on.

We moved on, and walked and enjoyed moments of quiet reflection.

Atticus had one "melt-down"
He warned me.
He said, "Mommy, I am melting"
He just couldn't go on.  He wasn't tired.  He just couldn't move one more step.
Dash immediately came to his side, just as he did when we
were hiking the in the Appalachian trail.

I don't know what he said or did, but somehow he got Atticus to keep going.

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  1. What I saw was how beautiful u r . And then I looked at ur jacket, jeans and shoes and said " Oh good. She is dressed well for a hike." I am happy to see u happy. That is what Moms want to see. I remember binging like u r now and was delighted by ur own memories of being a child just like ur children. The lost boot and help from a brother who understood with empathy extends forward into a life that knows we r not alone. Nice post, Mom.