Monday, February 6, 2012

scenes from home

We have been busy since the move, and I have not been  keeping up with the blog.  That doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot happening around here.  
Actually, it's the day-to-day stuff that I find fascinating right now.  The small moments that I know I will forget when my children grow, and when the house is quieter.
I thought I would try to commit to a little more blogging, about that every day stuff.
We'll see if that happens...  

A little weekend gaming for the big kids.

A night of homemade spa
Tea, back rubs, candles, fire in the fireplace 

a new violin 

Some silly time. Always silly time...

And a new cello! 

Chore time.  the ear protection is worn when he vacuums...
and plays the drums

Simple dinners and lunches, lost of bread, cheese and fruit.  
Nobody complains.

Our new Sunday ritual of washing all the laundry and folding all of it, while watching a movie of course!  Makes it a fun family event.

Playing dress up for real

A tennessee sunset

A progression of houses by Atticus

Lots of cuddling, maybe an illness or two...

It looked like a full moon tonight.

Smoke out of the neighbors chimney.  


  1. The dark night and the full moon was inspiring to me. No matter where we travel--into the dark or out, the moon is always there even if it is just on the other side. The moon is always shining on that sweet country family in Tennessee.

  2. Your blog is really interesting! I love the little chickens that you have!