Monday, March 19, 2012

right now

Right now I am enjoying the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  The weather has been stormy, and there has been lots of rain, lots of clouds, and lots of color as the sun goes down.

I have actually gotten so side-tracked by these sunsets, that nobody is getting to bed on time.  I leave the dinner dishes as I see the light change from our windows.  They boys are equally excited by the colors, and gasp in awe as the rainbow of colors and light changes and slowly grows dark.

And here is Chance, the wonder dog, rolling in freshly seeded lawn.
He just couldnt stand to see nice black wet earth, and had to roll all over in it.  And then, of course, run into the house and shake.

Rainbow after a storm

In chicken news, they little ones are having field trips out side.  We have to get them ready to spend the whole day in the sun and wind, and they love to eat bugs and grass.  They also are using their newly sprouted wings!

Our "big" girls are a blast.  We have been hand feeding them their favorite weed.  it looks like the top of carrots, and it must taste fabulous, because they cant get enough of it.  fortunately, our lawn is mostly weeds, so they get a lot of variety.  


  1. Honestly, I have never seen sunsets like these. And they r free for the looking. All of your pics r a joy. Xxxooo

  2. The sky is an amazing thing to pay attention to. We had a great rainbow one morning and a pink roll cloud (predicting hail, at least according to old wives, of which I am one) two days after our big hail storm. Check today to see if the sun goes down directly through your front door--I think your house is like Stonehenge.

  3. Beautiful photo Emily! I love your blog.