Sunday, May 20, 2012

right now

Jeezs it's been a while.  A lot has changed.  We have settled into our home, our land, and I feel more settled that I ever have.

Right now, the dog is laying next to me and stinks.  Have to remember to make an appointment for a bath for him next weekend.  Atticus is taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap.  Papa and the older two boys went to swim in the creek.

I am thinking about all the things that have been keeping me so busy this first half of 2012.
Working hard at my teaching job. Tutoring after school.  Little League.  Play practice.  Tumbling class for Atticus.  Drum lessons for Dash.  Yoga.  Pilates. Chickens.  Garden.

And a few links I am loving right now;

a church converted into a home

blog dedicated to beautiful older women

A person who dislikes stupid people as much as I do, and has the ability to write about it with humor, then read it on NPR; David Sedaris

A vacation I dream of taking (with my sister and husband!)

Eclipse yoga

serpentine necklace


Organic Dirt delivered for the organic garden!

Zucchini Flowers
Elias's view (neighbors land)

Me, helping out with baseball

Atticus, getting to help the team practice

Dash, ready to get out there

A new hobby?


  1. Welcome back! Your blog still lives and now I know how zucchini (thank u spell checker) grows! U look awesome at the plate, btw. I will write an entry on my blog today which I have been a avoiding because it has been such a long time. Nice going, Imperfect!

  2. I have another Montessori friend who likes making soap. If you come visit the school that I teach at, you could meet her. Come by this summer! -Ms. Miller