Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer vacation!!!!!

I LOVE summer vacation!  The kids and I stay up late, sleep late, travel, and just hang out.  It takes us a few weeks to get the hang of just hanging out.  At first, the boys fight all day, having forgotten how to be around the house and each other.  This week, they finally stopped fighting (not completely of course) and started truly enjoying each others company.  They have been playing so nicely, they don't want to even leave the house.  Which is what I like.  Home all day.

We do slip out after quiet time to swim and the Y most days.  Its just too hot and the outdoor pool just too refreshing and relaxing to not go.

I have been tending chickens (which just means watching them, there is really not that much to tend), gardening, and catching up on reading and knitting.

Our favorite new thing; a snow cone maker.  We have experimented with making our own flavor syrups.  We had a few batches that didn't turn out so great, so for now, we are using some we happened to have in the back of the pantry.  YUM!

Now, its nap time.